Is My Pittsburgh Home A Good Fit For Solar Panels?

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Investing in a solar energy system can be a net gain for your home and lifestyle, but you may be wondering if your property and needs are right. This is a sensible question to ask! Let’s address some of the questions you might have, and determine whether your home would be a good candidate for solar panels.

Do I Need To Own My Home?

While homeowners can install solar panels whenever they choose, those renting their homes cannot. This likely goes against rental contracts and it’s better to hold off until you have bought your own home. We’ll be happy to help when you do! 

Does Roof Direction Matter?

It can! To get the most out of your solar panels, you’ll want them to be placed so they receive the most amount of solar radiation possible. South-facing solar panels get the most direct sunlight, so that’s the ideal placement, but west- and east-facing roofs will work nearly as well. Slope also can play into how much solar energy is produced. A roof between 15 and 40 degrees in slope is optimal. 

Does The State Of My Roof Have An Impact?

Yes, particularly if you’re in an older home. If your roof is not in prime condition, you don’t want to be placing solar panels on it. So if your roof is at the end of its current useful life, we recommend getting your home re-roofed to avoid the need to remove and replace the panels after such roof work is done. 

You’ll also need to ensure there are no trees consistently blocking sunlight from reaching the panels. Any trees that add excessive shade to the roof will need to be addressed, and we recommend removal rather than trimming back, because trees could continue growing and cause problems later. A tree or two that partially shades the roof at certain times of day shouldn’t be a problem, though. If a tree covers a large portion of your roof or shades the roof for most of the day, that’s when you need to consider a solution. 

Still Not Sure? Ask Your Local Solar Experts

If you have additional questions or if you’d like to go ahead and get started on a quote, our team of Pittsburgh-based solar experts is here to help. Pink Energy representatives have the know-how necessary to determine how your home could best benefit from adding solar panels as a source of clean, renewable energy to life.