Generac Backup Batteries

Protect your home in case of an outage with stored solar energy.
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When you combine solar panels with a Generac PWRcell battery, they work together to form a reliable energy source that can protect your Pittsburgh home from the impact of potential power outages and more! We know how power outages are inconvenient for your home. So, we teamed up with Generac Power Systems to help bring solar power to families across Pennsylvania and beyond. With a Generac solar backup battery for your solar panels, you can potentially save on your electric bill and keep your power flowing in case of a power outage!

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How Does A Generac Solar Battery Backup Work?

What It Does

Generac battery backups provide a place to store excess energy that your solar panels produce. This benefit is essential when there is less or no sunlight.

How It Works

At night, during an outage, or on days when your solar panels aren’t getting enough sunlight, you can power portions of your home independent of the grid using your Generac battery backup.

Why It Matters

To get the most return on your investment, Pink Energy recommends pairing your solar panel system with a Generac battery backup. Watch this video for more information.

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Customize A Generac Battery Backup For Your Pittsburgh Home

Every home uses energy differently. That’s why we chose Generac battery backups because they have four different power modes that can fit every homeowner’s needs. Read more to see how you can arrange your backup battery settings to meet your energy needs.

Clean Backup Mode

Clean Backup Mode sends all energy that your solar panels create directly to your backup battery. With Clean Backup mode, your battery can stay at full capacity so that when the power goes out, you have an extra source of power to keep your home running.

Self-Supply Mode

This mode lets you store excess energy in your battery for later use. Once your battery is fully charged, Self-Supply mode sends excess energy back to the grid. 

Priority Backup Mode

Similar to Clean Backup Mode, Priority Backup mode lets you send energy directly to your backup battery. Also, you can use power from the grid to keep your battery at 100%.

Grid Mode

Grid mode is primarily for homeowners who don’t own a backup battery. Once you add one to your solar system, three other modes become more useful.

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Where Will My Generac Battery Backup System Live?

Your Generac backup battery system will live outside of your home. You may also be able to mount the battery on the side of your home or in your garage. Be sure to check your local building codes and home architecture for more details. The battery backup includes a cover shield for extra protection during those Pittsburgh storms!

About Generac

Generac is a world-renowned company that provides generators, power washers and batteries. Since 1959, Generac continues to present innovative generator technology by introducing automatic transfer switches, portable technology and more. Today, Generac is the #1 brand in residential backup generators. 

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Generac Backup Batteries FAQs

How long do solar batteries last?

Your Generac backup battery’s lifespan is about 10 years.

What size backup battery do I need in Pittsburgh?

Our Generac battery backups come in one size, but that model has four modes of operation you can customize to meet your home’s energy needs.

How does a Generac battery backup work?

The Generac battery backup functions as a storage unit for any excess electricity produced by your solar panels. So if you have a particularly sunny day, electricity that would otherwise be unused can be stored for later use when your panels are not producing. This makes the battery a great investment for overnight use or during power outages.

Do solar panels need batteries in Pittsburgh?

Your solar panels do not need a backup battery system to generate electricity for your home. However, having a battery in place will allow you to access that power when your solar panels aren’t producing, meaning you’d have access overnight or during power outages.

How do you hook up solar panels to batteries?

Your Pink Energy installation team will take care of this for you on installation day! You won’t need to worry about connecting your solar system, just enjoy the potential savings and protection from the negative impacts of outages.

What is a solar battery?

A solar battery or battery backup system stores any electricity produced by your solar panels that is not used to power your home. You’ll be able to configure how this electricity can later be put to use, but the big draw is that it allows you to use solar power when your panels are not actively producing.

How do you charge a Generac battery?

The Generac battery backup is itself powered by your solar panels! So you don’t need to worry about its charge level.

Are solar panel batteries worth it in Pittsburgh?

We think so! With a Generac battery backup system in place, your solar panels will be able to power select limited portions of your home for a limited amount of time even in the event of a complete power outage. This peace of mind is invaluable. Plus, it means you’ll be able to make use of solar power overnight too. You’ll get more use out of your solar investment.

Do I need a solar battery in Pittsburgh?

You do not need a solar battery backup in order to install solar panels. Many homeowners are satisfied with panels alone. But a battery backup system allows you to make full use of your solar power at any time, not just when your panels are producing.