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Our Pittsburgh Service Areas

At Pink Energy, we pride ourselves on being able to meet you where you are. We’re deeply committed to making solar power an accessible resource throughout the nation, and our Pittsburgh-area team covers a large part of Pennsylvania. We’re here to make going solar an easy decision for you, including meeting you where you are. Get in touch with us today to discover what PA solar power could look like for your home with a free quote!

Counties We Serve

  • Beaver County 
  • Washington County 
  • Allegheny County 
  • Fayette County 
  • Westmoreland County 
  • Greene County 
  • Somerset County 
  • Bedford County 
  • Armstrong County 
  • Indiana County 
  • Jefferson County 
  • Cambria County 
  • Clearfield County 
  • Elk County 
  • Forest County 
  • Butler County 
  • Clarion County 
  • Lawrence County
  • Crawford County 
  • Mercer County 
  • Venango County 
  • Warren County 
  • Erie County 
  • McKean County 
  • Fulton County

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Pittsburgh-area homeowners are discovering the potential savings an efficient, renewable solar system can provide for their homes and families. Pink Energy is proud to present our premium solar panels as a modern option for PA homeowners interested in lowering their carbon footprint while potentially saving thousands of dollars over time on their electric bills.

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NC Solar Rebates

PA Solar Tax Credits, Rebates, and Incentives

At Pink Energy, we’re proud to partner with third-party lenders to offer 100% financing and $0 down² to begin installation for qualified homeowners and business owners.

Tax incentives at federal, state, and local levels may be available, making solar panels even more affordable. Contact your local municipality for more information about the tax credits available to you, and find out how you could benefit from the 2020 solar tax credit extension.


See What Pittsburgh Homeowners Are Saying About Their Solar Panels
I could not believe how incredibly easy it was to get this going. The engineering team was super patient with us and redesigned the layout of the panels for us about four different times until we got it exactly how we wanted it. They installed the entire system in one single day and it’s working great!
Nathan R. – Pittsburgh, PA
Techs showed up on time and were very efficient, cleaned up, and very receptive to any questions I had.
Matt S. – Pittsburgh, PA
Amazing experience with them! Easy great customer service from start to finish. Switching to solar was the best investment we have made in our home and children’s future. We absolutely recommend them!
Hannah O. – Pittsburgh, PA
We had a great experience with this company! Everyone we dealt with was very friendly, professional, and helpful. They took care of all the details for us, from permits to scheduling and installation. We are very happy with the end result and would recommend them to friends!
Jennifer R. – Pittsburgh, PA